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Seagulls Don’t Like Me

Seagulls Don’t Like Me is a short film exploring Blackpool’s coastline and those who walk it; an offbeat look at the wondrous honesty of a place that keeps going, adapting, reframing, conditioning and being alive.

The narrative is a response to 359 minutes of interviews and chats during the off-season – winter. It is a collective identity. It is resilience, simmering quietly for decades without making a scene. It is coming back, to a place, to yourself – to stay loyal. Over and over again. It is about a town being exactly what it is with integrity, grit and humour. The title itself mocks the artist’s anxiety and paranoia present during the making of the film. In short, it is about the difficulty but eventuality of change and what it means to still be standing at the end.

About the Artist

Martha Pailing is a spoken word and performance artist hailing from Blackpool. Her performances blend personal material with fictional characters to create absurd and tender narratives. Pailing’s work considers what it is to remain empathetic and soft in a brutal, emotionally temperamental world. She has performed across the UK including the Roundhouse, Royal Court, LADA, People’s Palace, Curve Theatre and Bootleg Social. Commissioned by METAL in partnership with Essex Book Festival, she is currently working on a new piece of writing for Estuary 2020.

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