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Winter Hill

Over the course of 2020, Emily Oldfield set out to explore the history, topography and mystery of Winter Hill – the highest point of the West Pennine Moors, a wind-whipped landscape of fascinating flora and fauna.

The intriguing – and often unusual – past of the place will be considered; Winter Hill after all being a place of Bronze Age Burial mounds, abandoned settlements, murders, reported ghosts, UFO sightings and a massive 19th century Mass Trespass.

This is about stories, insight, inspiration and strength of community. From the rambling Terraced Gardens beneath the hill to the looming masts near the summit, Winter Hill is a diverse and ever-surprising landscape of endless depths.



Diary 1: A walk with Neil Winward

Diary 2: A Walk with Andrew Michael Hurley (Part 1)

Diary 2: A Walk with Andrew Michael Hurley (Part 2)

Diary 3: A Walk with Richard Skelton

Diary 4: A Walk with Jennifer Reid

Diary 5: The Final Entry & a Letter from Simon Buckley

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About the artist

Emily Oldfield is a rambler, writer and poet from Rossendale. She is particularly interested in perceptions of place and nature. She is the Editor of Haunt Manchester, a Manchester Metropolitan University project seeking to celebrate the alternative history and hidden heritage of Greater Manchester and its edgelands.